ProScope Consulting

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7378 W. Atlantic Boulevard, #304
Margate, FL 33063
Phone: (954) 790-6750
Fax: (954) 736-4650 

Our Flexbility

ProScope Consulting is a partner you can be confident will prepare your estimates exactly as you would do them yourself. We have the ability to customize reports and databases to any specifications you may desire. While the style and preference of ProScope clients vary widely, we are always able to satisfy their individual requirements.

Some adjusters and attorneys have a preference towards lower but stronger estimates while others take a more aggressive approach. Some clients prefer more or less information within their reports and others enjoy the consultation and guidance available from ProScope Consulting. We work closely with every client to understand their particular preferences and model the estimates accordingly.

By providing the Xactimate® data file with each estimate, our clients gain additional options. Some utilize our report for the detailed sketch and as a guideline towards repair items to create a second estimate under their own company’s letterhead. Some adjusters will offer to provide the data file to company adjusters, saving them hours of time and establishing an atmosphere of cooperation and good will. One firm may prefer the report written under their letterhead while others prefer the advantages of a 3rd party estimating company.