ProScope Consulting

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7378 W. Atlantic Boulevard, #304
Margate, FL 33063
Phone: (954) 790-6750
Fax: (954) 736-4650 

Our Background

 ProScope Consulting is the result of several highly experienced and talented claim estimators joining together to produce the best estimate reports in the industry. We concentrated our focus on the claim estimate to become specialists in this one area and reach the highest level of proficiency.

 Over the course of 5+ years and 10,000 residential and commercial estimates performed, ProScope Consulting tracked hundreds of data points from file origination through closing, continuously improving and modifying our inspections and reports to increase settlement amounts, while also increasing our credibility. Over 5,000 reports produced by other estimators were carefully examined to identify weaknesses, omissions and ambiguity to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Our team researched pricing databases to gain unparalleled insight into the proper application and factors involved with damage valuation. Finally, we consulted with hundreds of claim professionals to gain insight into how different elements could be incorporated into our estimates to assist them in their role.

Once certain our team were preparing the best estimates in the industry, we began streamlining and file process to maximize efficiency and minimize expense. These steps afforded us the ability to invest significant time into each estimate yet still offer lower fees than our competitors.

ProScope Consulting is proud and confident in stating we produce the best claim estimates possible and offer the most competitive pricing.