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Our Experience



Throughout the US, the ProScope Consulting team has collectively produced over 10,000 claim estimates used successfully in negotiation with over 288 residential and commercial property insurers. Our estimates have been utilized by over 25 insurance-related law firms to achieve successful outcomes through both negotiated settlements and litigation. We have also reviewed and reconciled over 5,200 estimates prepared by other parties to locate errors, omissions and inaccuracies.

Our team has examined and valuated loss types including fires, flooding, windstorm, blasting, sinkholes, lightning strikes, Chinese drywall and many other unique and challenging losses. ProScope Consulting also has a strong history of estimating damaged commercial property.

Together we have estimated over 90 commercial claims, some totaling over $7 million in damages. Over the years, the ProScope Team has estimated commercial properties including condominiums, high-rise buildings, restaurants, shopping plazas and many others.