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Our Fees

ProScope Value

ProScope Consulting was founded on the belief that teamwork and efficiency were the keys to creating a company that could both provide the most detailed, professional estimates in the industry and still offer a fee schedule lower than the majority of our competitors. In many circumstances, our fees to physically inspect the home and create a comprehensive damage estimate are lower than many estimate-writing companies who just input the information you provide into the software. 

The subpages in the Fee Schedule section detail specific pricing for reports based on geographic location of the damaged property. We are always willing to discuss volume pricing discounts or other special needs and circumstances to make ProScope Consulting as the industry leader in value and quality.


Save Money

Save thousands each year by using ProScope Consulting’s damage estimation services verses investing the time and money producing your own estimates. We find out clients locate substantial savings by removing costs involved with:

Monthly software licensing costs;
Scope and inspection equipment;
Loss of time otherwise spent marketing themselves and increasing their file volume;
Delays in file closing due to backlogged estimates;
Missed damages not included in adjuster’s estimate;
Negotiation delays due to estimating mistakes and inaccuracies.


Save Time

Time is our most valuable resource. Successful insurance claim professionals all tend to prioritize their time to maintain high file volume without sacrificing quality of customer service, so you can focus your expertise on your clients needs. Utilizing ProScope Consulting allows our clients considerable time savings no longer spent:

Installing and configuring software and ongoing patches;
Installing monthly price databases and learning which line items have been added, removed or modified;
Continuing education necessary to maintaining proficiency with constantly evolving software;
Measuring, diagramming, photographing and analyzing claim damage and affected areas;
Writing and configuring line items and other crucial estimate data