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How is maximum fee cap applied?

For estimating services, we include a maximum fee cap to provide our clients an approximate cost ceiling for budgeting purposes and to maintain an unbiased, 3rd party status by avoiding potential incentive to overvaluation the estimate. Maximum fee cap is based on the total estimated RCV of the claim from the first dollar paid by the carrier. Contractor bids that are incorporated as line item additions to the estimate are not included in fee cap. Fee caps do not apply to travel costs, expenses or services rendered after delivery of estimate report such as, but not limited to, expert witness testimony, changes or additions to the report and consultation.


Would ProScope Consulting consider a percentage-based fee agreement based upon the amount recovered?

No. Percentage-based fee agreements result in several issues we wish to avoid. First, these type of agreements result in estimators being tempted to undervalue estimates in anticipation of faster settlement and faster payment. Second, they can lead to conflicts and frustration when disagreements in scope of damages, coverage determinations and/or claim strategy occur between the estimator and the client. Finally, by receiving prompt payment upon completion of services we can continue to offer the highest quality services and maintain a competitive pricing structure.


Would ProScope Consulting consider a delaying payment until claim is settled?

No. The time required to settle a claim can vary from a few months to over 10 years for larger losses. Structuring payment of fees to coincide with settlement of the claim leads to the same issues addressed above that ultimately jeopardize our credibility as an unbiased 3rd party and our ability to provide an unmatched level of quality at a competitive fee structure.


What are your fees for changes to the estimate after delivery?

Our goal is your complete satisfaction and we will happily work with you to make any changes or modifications you require. We include up to an hour of changes, additions or just time spent discussing the estimate and strategy at no additional charge. In the very rare (less than 5%) of the files that require a more substantial investment of time, standard hourly rates apply.  


Do you require an upfront retainer?

Retainers are determined on a case-by-case basis and most commonly necessary when significant expenses are anticipated, travel is necessary, or for claims involving large losses, multiple losses or commercial properties.


Are your fees flexible? Do you offer volume discounts or lower pricing for small losses?

Our fee schedule is designed to provide clients an understanding of our compensation structure but we also understand there may be circumstances that require working with the client to apply reasonable pricing adjustments. Please call us to discuss any concerns you may have and we will work together to reach a resolution that is beneficial to all parties.


How are travel costs and expenses invoiced?

Travel costs do not apply to losses within 100 miles of our Fort Lauderdale office. When travel does become necessary, we strive to keep costs as low as possible by pro-rating between multiple clients, using low-cost airlines when possible and leveraging various reward programs to benefit our clients. Expenses over $250 are discussed with the client, agreed upon in advance and fully documented.